Apadana Group Elevator Company started its activity in 2001, by the presence of experienced experts in the field of manufacturing, designing, assembly and trading elevator and escalator, and with technical knowledge and management resulting from performance records during the recent decades in this field, with the purpose of development and innovation and presence in domestic and foreign markets of elevator and escalator industry. In this regard, we have been one of the first companies in Iran that was a member of elevator and escalator industry syndicate, and in order to specialize the company we have been able to obtain the license for elevator designing and assembly from Ministry of Industries and Mines and required qualifications in excellent level in the first years of codification of elevator designing and assembly. This issue was a new beginning for our group in line with ever-increasing knowledge and motivation for development so that we can pass the different stages of invention, innovation, designing special elevators, production of exclusively imported parts in the country, etc. and achieve our goals. Besides expanding executive activities in the field of designing and assembly by obtaining license for establishing elevator manufacturing factory, we were able to be one of the manufacturer and self-sufficient companies in production the main parts of elevator for the second time, and could take another step in the path of glory for our dear country day by day and by increasing the quality and penetration in domestic markets throughout the country and some neighbor countries.

Considering the limitations of designing and manufacturing technology and also the final price of escalator that are resulted in importing these systems, by doing research in the field and choosing a reliable, experienced and professional supplier we have been able to obtain exclusive agency for direct importing, installation and offering services in this filed, too, and again we have been one of the first and few companies with specialty board in designing and importing escalator in Iran. In addition, by benefitting from communication and cooperation with prestigious European and Asian companies and investigating the labor market, in order to acquire updated knowledge and technology of Europe, we have obtained several exclusive agencies in the field of importing elevator packages, and we have taken measures for research and development in this field. In line with development and need for scientific, engineering, and management studies as the first elevator and escalator company in Iran, we established the Research and Development Unit and made investments in this field, that was approved and encouraged by several governmental and private authorities and organizations. By increasing scientific and technical knowledge and by the attempts of managers, experts and executive agents, for the first time in Iran we were able to elevator designing and manufacturing based on European standard regulations and obtaining European CE certificate, and also designing, production, manufacturing and assembly of the first high

Company charting and personage:

By classification of affairs in line with achieving the predetermined goals based on management standards, Apadana Group Company is a group consisting of management unit, commerce unit, technical and engineering unit, R & D unit, production and quality control unit, execution, installation and assembly unit, after sale services unit, and legal unit that a summary of them and the relevant personnel are mentioned as follows.

Research and development unit (R&D):

This section works under the supervision of an electrical engineer holder of master’s degree in electronic engineering and benefitting from 3 experts and researchers with relevant academic education and also by activity and consultation of all managers and experts of the company in line with investigating the updated technologies of the world and innovation to offer reports to the board of directors with regard to planned programs, that based on the decisions of the managing director with the cooperation of the board of directors and relevant consultants take measures in order for performing tests and doing practical researches, so that we can always develop and expand the capacities and goals of the company.

Production and quality control unit:

This unit is active in two sections of engineering and production line under the supervision of the relevant manager that has academic education in the field of mechanics and parts designing with an experience more than 15 years. The engineering section is responsible for coordination and implementing the production conditions based on the planning of the management unit and according to the obtained standards such as ISO, CE, Iranian standard and also controlling the production progress and quality control of the manufactured products. The production section also makes attempts in execution of modern programs for production and observing all safety, managerial, and standard requirements, by benefitting from relevant experts that all have the minimum work record of 7 and maximum work record of 15 years in the field of elevator and escalator manufacturing and experienced and educated employees, and this section produces parts, accessories and systems of elevator and escalator by considering the maximum quality.

General status of the company:

Thanks to the endless attempts, programming, coordinate management, and organizational activity and by the grace of the God Almighty we have been able to acquire a place among the best elevator production, designing and execution in Iran, and our goal is not only the economic growth and employment increase but also is to be a powerful competitor for foreign companies active in Iran in the field of elevator production, and make the name of the Apadana Group as a special Iranian brand that reminds the best and most updated technologies for designing and executing elevator and escalator with best quality and is a trustee for the customers and beneficiaries and this issue paves the way to attend the markets throughout Iran and foreign neighbor countries so that we can develop more and better and expand our goals. At the present, Apadana Group company has the capacity for supplying, producing, designing and executing important projects such as big shopping centers, terminals, airports, departments with many clients, and security departments, and the most creative decorative styles for private customers and hotels, and has a high executive power, that is provable through the acquired titles and honors.

list of some titles and honors acquired by Apadana Group Company:


  1. Production of elevator parts and accessories independently based on the relevant standards and obtaining the license for using the Iranian standard sign 2. Designing and manufacturing special parts using updated technology of the world by the relevant software 3. Holding elevator designing and assembly license for more than 13 years 4. Holding establishment and mass production of elevator parts (door, cabin, lock, pendency system, etc.) 5. Being and official member of Iranian Elevator and Escalator Industries Syndicate 6. Designing and production of elevator control boards and obtaining European CE standards 7. Producing command control panels with the updated technology of the world and obtaining CE standards of Europe and EMC standards of Netherlands 8. Being the exclusive agency for elevator packages from American and European countries 9. Being the exclusive agency for escalator from prestigious producer companies of China and Italy 10. Being the exclusive agency for designing and manufacturing full-automatic and smart parking from Italy 11. Designing and manufacturing the only Iranian high speed elevator with the speed of 3m/s and the capacity of 2000 kg according to CE standard of Europe 12. Being the first company with ISO 9001-2000 standard of quality control management of elevator installation from Europe 13. Being the first company with CE standard for elevator designing and assembly 14. Acquiring the title of the best elevator and escalator manufacturing company by Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade for 3 consecutive periods in 2013, 2015, and 2016 15. Holding several patents of modern parts for elevator and escalator 16. Obtaining letter of appreciation for management from the respectable governor of East Azerbaijan for 3 consecutive years 17. Obtaining acknowledgement and appreciation letter from many governmental departments and companies for management and execution of elevator and escalator in security, sensitive, and high traffic project throughout Iran 18. Holding the record for execution of 240 elevators with 15 stops in Parand Mehr housing during 9 months And acquiring other honors and titles from relevant organizations, departments and customers for satisfying them and trusteeship in the projects