Escalator Intervals to an escalator between floors and in a direction that is said, escalators and one of theoutstanding handling systems in airports, shopping malls, subways and other high-traffic locationsin the world is known, We are able devices with elegant design, completely safe and we can supplycustomers with high quality, unique design of the stairs to the place in such a way that allows thelowest space available to be used for implementation and installation of escalators, Smooth liftcompany with years of experience in this field has been able to keep pace with the latest technologythe world is that Europe has a significant share of the market Astandrdhay in Iraq and Kurdistan toallocate this product.

Main components

of escalators 1. Propulsion unit 2. The main gear 3. Auxiliary gear 4. Brake 5. Control system 6. Contactor 7. Main switch 8. Motor control relay 9. Automatic lubrication 10. Handles 11. Landing, stairs 12. Besides steel, inside and outside

Distances between the shoulders (to prevent slip) Glass wall edge Handle (removable straps) The moving belt guide The steel lining Coating steel vertical (side) Shoulder Login page

Other important factors in the selection and use of escalators to be noted are asfollows:

  1. The height or vertical distance of displacement for different places.
  2. The angle or slope, which is chosen as 30 or 35 degrees, is notable for the amount of slopedepends on the amount of available space (POSITION escalator) is designed.
  3. According to escalators useful width of the transverse space (POSITION escalators) andestimate the amount of traffic the site is variable sizes 60, 80 and 100 cm are presented.
  4. Place the escalators, covered spaces in the system (indoor) and in places without a roofsystem (semi out door) is used.